I was introduced to kiting a while ago by Elaine. Since then, it's spread, and I'd have one by now if I actually had some money. Something to look forward to.

50+mph winds at Mablethorpe - 8 February 2004
Windy, cold. Only one of the big kites even made it out of the bag, and it was something of an unwieldy beast.
Winter Mablethorpe - 11 January 2004
A warm winter day at Mablethorpe with Matt's new 4 metre PKD.
Matt's new PKD - 10 January 2004
Matt's got a new 4 metre PKD kite. This is it, dragging us down a field.
Ed's Kite - 2 November 2003
Ed uploaded some more kite pics, so here they are...
Ed's Night Kite - 19 October 2003
More kite action - 28 September 2003
Another nice day at the sea side with the kites.
Kite action at Mablethorpe - 21 September 2003
Spent an ace Sunday flying Ed's new 3 metre 'firebee' kite. Had a go on a lovely 4.5 metre Libre power kite, intended for pulling a buggy along, unfortunately the camera decided it was time for a rest before this happened. The Libre was a fantastically powerful monster of a kite that had me flying down the beach without the buggy, leaving some big trails in my wake. Tired arms! Feel like I've been beaten up today, all good exercise.
More of Ed's kite - 14 September 2003
Ed's Kite - 6 September 2003
Ed got a kite. I am jealous. Here are his photos.
Wet kites - 11 May 2003
A sudden downpour ended our kiting experience.
Kite Flying - 18 April 2003
The day I was introduced to kites.


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