A few quick snaps.

More Barça - 4 April 2006
Warm day, bike out.
Tibidabo! - 20 February 2006
Highest thing in the city, I think.
A walk along the beach - 5 December 2005
It's December but still nice for a walk.
Walking up the hill - 22 October 2005
There's a few big hills in Barcelona, even though it's mostly flat. I walked up one.
HP in Sant Cugat - 30 September 2005
I work here. It's pretty.
La Mercè - 24 September 2005
One of Barcelona's festivals, there is music in Plaça Catalunya and a lot of other places. Also, the local government buildings are opened.
A walk - 16 September 2005
Going to try and find my numbers for working.
I moved! - 11 September 2005
I have just moved my stuff into a different flat, a bit further into the city.
Interview - 9 September 2005
Be vewwy vewwy qwiet. I'm hunting jobs. Awaiting the official confirmation, but they said I got it. Update -- I got the confirmation just now.
A Park - 4 September 2005
It's a very nice park, stone mammoth and everything.
Sagrada Família - 30 August 2005
Gaudi's famous cathedral. Still being built.
A strange night - 27 August 2005
Alba had a bit too much wine.
Some night pictures - 26 August 2005
My camera is ace.
walking to the beach - 25 August 2005
A bit more Barcelona - 24 August 2005
I met Pili's friend Alba who I saw in Sheffield once a long time ago.

a mountain
the sea over some roof tops
distant mountains
the street
the table
the sky!

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