Irradiating Nottingham

The last project I undertook for EMNET.

Working late - 1 October 2004
A piece of junk failed. Here, I replace it.
A trip to a roof - 26 October 2004
Doing a photographic survey of the Broadway cinema roof, to get an idea of the sites we can reach with the antenna.
Standing on the Victoria Centre - 3 December 2004
Another aerial survey for the broadband network.
Getting some coffee - 22 December 2004
Life doesn't get much more interesting than this!
VC2 - 23 February 2005
More snaps from the top of the Victoria Centre
A wireless adventure - 11 March 2005
Aerials, bandwidth, sky.
Decluttering - 15 March 2005
A temporary extraction of crap from our server room, to free up a comms cabinet and make a space for a proper sized server cab.
Sector antennas - 16 March 2005
The antennas are being put up, and some of the routing kit. There's a bit more stuff to go in that cabinet.
More aerials and Rob leaves Poopex - 18 March 2005
A point to point link to the Victoria centre. And a daffodil.
Subscriber unit power supply - 31 March 2005
A new 2610XM - 4 April 2005
A test unit sent on for evaluation, with 9 more if it's up to the job. It looks good so far.
Routers arrive - 6 April 2005
More 2610XM's arrive. Some only have 32MB, so won't run my shiny new IOS image. The suppliers were kind enough to send us on some more RAM, but until then, I pillaged a few to make a few more up to spec.
Broadway's AU - 6 April 2005
Scheduled to come out next week, the contractors wanted a look at it. It's going to be replaced with a directional connection to the top of the victoria centre.
New cabinet arrives! - 8 April 2005
Slightly dented. Hum.
Bloody Antennas - 27 April 2005
They've gone wrong, because the installers thought zip ties were good enough to hold them on to the pole, 26 floors above the ground in high winds.


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