A Monica visit

A week in Santiago to be with Monica and watch her graduation ceremony.

Travelling, and eating meat - 13 April 2005
Started off at about 5 in the morning to get a train to Stansted airport, so I can get a plane into Santiago de Compostela (SCQ). I went to a restaurant where they give you as much meat as you can get inside you. Yum!
Walking around Santiago - 14 April 2005
I go for a walk in Santiago, while Monica has a lecture.
Graduation - 15 April 2005
After nearly 5 years, Monica gets a degree in Chemistry.
Proper beer in Lugo - 16 April 2005
In Lugo, where Monica's parents live, is a place that sells Affligem Dubbel. It's nice.
More Santiago - 18 April 2005
The train station (woo!)
International Cerveceria - 18 April 2005
More beer...
Pope day - 19 April 2005
The day the new Pope, Benedict XVI was elected. All the churches rang their bells, it was very loud.
Going home - 20 April 2005
All good things must end, and here I am on the way back to England.


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